Z is for ZO Medical Lip Rebuild Treatment

ZO is a popular range at Skin Oracle and we’ve seen a fair few products flying off the shelves in recent weeks. There’s one product in particular that we seem to be sending out a lot, and that’s ZO Medical Lip Rebuild Treatment. Lip rebuild – sounds quite scary, almost as though you’re replacing your existing lips with new ones! If you’re wondering why you would need to ‘rebuild’ your lips read on:

Well, it’s not as harsh as the name suggests. Lip Rebuild is an advanced lip therapy treatment that is designed to restore dry, wrinkles and cracked lips back to their optimum condition. It also contains powerful antioxidants and vitamins A, D and E to give your lips continued support from sunlight and pollutants.


The formula also contains an advanced peptide complex that increases microcirculation, while plumping and improving the appearance of the lips. An added cooling complex soothes any soreness or irritation.

Lip Rebuild can be used on its own or with a lip colour. Its plumping, shaping and smoothing effects help to enhance the products that you apply over the top due to you having a smooth, hydrated lip base to begin with. You can use it morning and evening, and whenever you feel it’s needed throughout the day.

Spring may be almost underway, but many of us are still suffering from dry, chapped lips as a result of cold winter temperatures and central heating. This product is perfect to correct this issue before the days start to get longer and we’re spending more time out and about. So, why not let your lips see the light!

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